The fellowship was born on April 7th 2007 through the constant encouragement of one the founding members’ wife. She recognized that Nigerian men are a different breed and as first generation immigrants, these men need to have a Christian fellowship to help them get over the different challenges of work and family in this foreign land. She felt a need to create a community of men after God’s heart. The need to bond together and to remain strong through the Grace of God in spite of sometimes seemingly insurmountable trials became a foundation stone of the fellowship.



  • The purpose of PMCF is myriad but can be summarized by the two commandments. The first is to “Love your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength”. The second is likewise, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.
  • The application of these two commandments has evolved with the growth of the fellowship. We have moved from the initial emphases on Nigerian men to all men who believe that Jesus is Lord.




  • Sharing God’s words and learning more about how to grow in faith. The only requirement is for the man to confess and believe in his heart that our Lord Jesus is the savior.
  • God does not expect us to change into perfect human beings over night but He does desire to begin a process that changes our lives forever. Once we enter into a relationship with God, He begins to transform us in ways we never imagined possible.
  • We need to continue God’s work to get His blessings and keep our focus on Him. If we listen to the “noise” from the world, it is possible for us to lose our focus in life. We can get caught up in life and forget about God’s big picture of redemption. We could miss the open door of opportunity swinging wide in front of us.


Men after God’s heart passionately serving him





              Where men can share their joys, sorrows and challenges with other men who can pray for them and praise God with them. By the Grace of God we have been able to develop a bond and trust in each other. We feel comfortable enough to share our personal troubles and challenges and know that it will be confidential. There is a reason why the incidence of depression used to be low in other countries, including countries in Africa in spite of the deplorable economic conditions.
               Creating a network of professional  Christian men which will help further our economic growth and viability both here in the USA and our various countries as represented in the fellowship.


• To teach friends and generations that comes behind us about our heritage.
• Propagate and maintain our culture so as to pass our heritage down to our descendants. We are fundamentally joyful people who believe in God and have strong faith. We sing and dance to praise God and it gives us hope.


• To have talks, lectures and seminars provided by members and invited guests in their respective areas of expertise.

Our Meetings

 Annual Day of Prayers
 Meetings are held on the
first Saturday of every
month at
College Park Baptist Church (Use
back entrance).
1914 Edgewater Drive, Orlando,FL 32804

 Anniversary Celebration
 Bi-Annual Men’s Retreat
 thanksgiving Service
 Christmas Party
 Humanitarian Service.


  • To encourage ourselves to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit since any work done under the steam of mere human energy (however good) is called “wood hay or straw” but those done through the Holy Spirit will remain in eternity.
  •  To allow and enable all men (with particular emphasis on Nigerian men) in greater Orlando area to fellowship, share and grow in the Lord. To read and understand His truth and to be conformed to and shaped by His truth.  According to Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways. Acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths”. The key is to realize that God’s way is the best way and we must learn to listen to his voice. We begin to welcome the promptings of the Holy Spirit and to find practical insights for our daily lives as we read God’s words.
  • We want to encourage men who are “young” in the Christian faith not to be inhibited or afraid. We are here for you even if you do not understand the bible yet or well enough.
  • To be equipped to communicate truth to others, to spread the gospel to our community and the world at large through various means and affiliations. For God’s words indicate that whoever has His commandments and obeys them is the one who loves Him.
  • We are convinced that this will be a body of Christ that will help enable and strengthen Nigerian (African) professionals that are continually coming into the greater Orlando area.


 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!  Psalm 133:1


• To aid and assist Christian mission projects locally and in various parts of the world.
• To serve as mentors to the less privileged and the younger generation at large.

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